How This All Works

I deliver your pig at approximately five to six months of age to a local butcher.  That will yield approximately 150-190 pounds of what is called, ”hanging weight.”  It is the weight of the carcass after evisceration and skinning.  You specify how you want the meat cut, whether you want any cured meats, and how you would like the meat packaged.  If any of that is unfamiliar to you, I can help.   All the meat will be frozen when you pick it up, individually packaged per your instructions, and labeled.  The cost of cutting the meat varies a little with the hanging weight, and varies considerably with the proportion of cured or smoked meat you want.   The cutting and wrapping costs are not covered by the price I charge for the animal I sell to the customer.  You are expected to pay the butcher bill when you pick up the meat, or to reimburse me if I pick it up for you.  I will deliver it if you live within a modest distance from Appleton or Green Bay.

For more information, please contact me personally.

Nila Robinson
(920) 540-3900

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